Mechanical Engineering Department

PROF.Shaikh Moin.

Welcome to Mechanical Department of JIEM’S, that has been transforming generation of budding aspirants into accomplished engineers creating a generation of transformational engineers, technocrats, leaders for business and society in a unique academic setting, which fosters professional excellence and nurtures core values for fulfilling life. We have pooled together some of the most well-known academicians, executives, innovators, philanthropists, researchers, and scientists to guide us in this noble endeavor.

As you embark on a difficult journey and march determinedly towards a golden dawn. We at JIEM’S remain through the journey with you, guide you step by step, moment by moment and witness your metamorphosis from a brilliant yet raw youth into a highly polished professional.

Who has an iron will to conquer and whose aspiration is accompanied by determination, commitment and sincerity to the three "mantras" of success.


  • To prepare the students for successful engineering career by inculcating the leadership qualities to encourage entrepreneurship and the professional and ethical responsibilities for the betterment of the society with a respect for diversity of opinion and culture.
  • Finally, the department fosters R&D and disseminates the technology through publications and providing technical expertise and training to industry.
  • Vision

    As a department in a vibrant institution, we will

  • Be a premier choice for the talented, prospective students
  • Be recognized by employers and our alumni as a source of outstanding engineers, entrepreneurs and leaders.
  • Foster a culture dedicated to learning and discovery and be known as a world-class center of innovation Foster a culture dedicated to learning and discovery and be known as a world-class center of innovation.
  • Goals

  • Design quality under-graduate and graduate mechanical engineering curricula to provide opportunities for students to learn fundamental and advanced technologies will sufficient practical knowledge such that they attain a strong competitive advantage
  • Develop research programmes with and without support from external funding that enable the department to achieve and maintain national prominence and that are important to the economy of the country.
  • Achieve and sustain the maximum accreditation from certifying bodies like NBA, ISO etc.,
  • Demonstrate and disseminate the research results through publications, presentations, projects and thesis.
  • Create a sense of pride and desire among alumni to support the department through alumni association.

    I take the privilege to welcome you all to the Deptartment of Mechanical Enginnering at Jamia Institute of Technology & Manag.Studies Akkalkuwa As H.O.D. I wish to take the opportunity to assure you that I will try my best to maximize students participation in the department and will keep the admin transparent.

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