Training & Placement Department

  • Mr. Pathan Bilalkhan R.
    Training & Placement Officer
  • T & P Officer


“To prepare students to meet Industrial Challenges”.


"Transferring every Student's carrier dream in to Reality”.

Vision Mission of HOD

Marching toward 100% Placement…… To maintain good relation with industry.
To arrange campus interviews and training.
To arrange campus interviews and training.
To assist in organizing field visit for staff and students.
To arrange Industrial visit for students.
Training and Placement cell tries to bridge the gap between industry & Academics. We try to improve students potentials as per corporate & develop them as per corporate needs. Jamia Institute of Engineering and Management Studies has established a full-fledged training & Placement office consisting of Faculty coordinators and staff members. The Training & Placement Cell handles all aspects of Training of Students & Campus Placements for the graduating students JIEMS.

We strive for better of our engineering so as to create a sound country. Our institute always tries to develop skills of engineers not only influences the heart as well as the brain with a prophetic character. The JIEMS has designed program in the field of Engineering & Management with an emphasis on excellent academics, research and satisfying professional career for the students.

Training & Placement cell places a significant focus on facilitating Placement of the passing out students by inviting well known organizations for campus drives. Training & Placement cell also focuses on the overall personality development of the students and proactively conducts short term workshops by experts for the benefit of the students.


Details of Training & Placement Officer
Mr. Pathan Bilalkhan R.
Training and Placement Officer
Contact Details
Mobile : +919021196538 | 8421860097
E-Mail :


To put JIEMS, Akkalkuwa on the definite list of all the top companies of India and rule the top most positions in the company being an emperor.
To facilitate training and arrangements for live projects and providing placement assistance to the students.
Providing and facilitating the placement of the students and enhance their Career in the right direction.
Organizing guest lectures, Seminars and ensure active interaction with various organization and industries.
Facilitating and Inviting professional trainers to enhance the soft skills and technical skills of the students.
Arrange for over all personality development sessions and career development programs.
To arrange industrial visits for students to understand real life practices, concepts and processes.
Trains students in aptitude tests, interview techniques, group discussion to perform better in the campus recruitment process.
Organize various technical, non-technical programs for faculty members to make the teaching-learning process more effective.
Take feedback from industries and use it as an input to develop need-based training programs.


Short Term Goals

To cultivate professional attitude.
To impart best technical education.
To impart best soft skill education.

Long Term Goals

Consistently striving for a valuable support to our country in providing best technocrats.
To develop the center of Excellence for cutting edge technologies.

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ID Faculty Name Designation Education Bio
MTH107 Developmental Algebra 2 Weeks @December 25, 2015
MTH109 Pre-Algebra 4 Weeks August 21, 2015
MTH187 Algebra I 8 Weeks October 31, 2015
MTH101 Integrated Mathematics I 2 Weeks May 29, 2016
MTH106 Geometry 18 Weeks December 25, 2015
MTH104 Continuing Algebra 6 Weeks October 31, 2015
MTH103 Practical Math 12 Weeks May 29, 2016

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